Rivers To Cross

Sunday 23 June, 2018
Service led by Rev. AMOAKO ATTA

Summary by Edna Paintsil

RIVERS TO CROSS –┬áRevelation 12:1-17



  • River signifies stages; a border, crossroad,…
  • The rivers in life are meant to be crossed, for our victory to come. No one can destroy the plan and the glory of the Lord upon us.
  • Every soul holds its own crown and victory: for the battle has already been won.
  • Each soul is pregnant with visions, dreams, and a mission to accomplish for Gods victory n glory.
  • Don’t let fear grip you: for the dragon (devil) swallow your glory because the enemy has already been defeated.
  • Hence let’s hold on to the victory at every crossroad : for we have sojourned too long with the Lord to harbor fear.
  • Our safe refuge has already been created so don’t hesitate to run into.
  • Rev 12:11 And we overcome through the blood of the Lamb and our testimony; in every river we cross we must testify with words of exhortation, to proclaim Gods goodness; that even in our weakness we must confess strength.

    Let’s stand the test of time, for we are not on our own but the Lord is with us.

    Now the enemy is at war with the offspring of woman, who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ. So we are not afraid when the enemy fights us because we are children of God

    Remain steadfast in the Lord.

    God bless u



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