Men’s Ministry

The Men’s Fellowship od Abba Father Evangelical Ministry was set up to become a supportive collaborative group of all men, married and single, which stand as a central pillar in the organisational structure of the entire ministry.

It aims to promote and encourage spiritual, moral and ethical purity and also to unite men in the study of the bible, prayer meetings and fellowship.

To rescue all men, transforming and empowering them through the teachings of Christ who strengthens us; to fulfilltheir individual calling.

Matthew 20:28, Luke 19:10, 2 Timothy 4:18

Our mission is to create disciples of Jesus Christ bith within and outside our church.

To amplify the mission of our church through service, fellowship and spiritual growth by sponsoring and organising inspirational programs aimed at  encouraging our men to become God-minded; influence their homes, workplaces, church and the community at large.

  • DISCIPLESHIP: To be men who are disciples of Our Lord Jesus Christ, ready and willing to go out there and make more disciplesfor the kingdom. John 15:8

  • AFFIRMATION: Men who encourage and pray for the fulfilment of one another’s God-inspired call. 1 Conthians 14:26, Acts 14:21 – 22

We aim to take a different approach in reaching out and helping people along the journey.



Lead men in a wider &
growing relationship with
Jesus Christ.

Experience heartfelt worship, good friends and a refreshing look into God’s Word in a comfortable, casual setting. Church is committed to coming alongside families in a way that helps.


keep in touch and connected to the ministry

  • Mark Smith
  • Daysie Smith
  • Sara and David Miller

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