About Us


Abba Father Evangelical Ministry was founded by Amoako Atta in 2016 at Westcroft, Milton Keynes, following his call from God to go into every part of the world to spread gospel of Christ to the outcast, the broken heart, the destitute, the afflicted, without hope and faith. The church is operating as an organised Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) registered by the charity commission (Reg No. 1173741).  Abba Father Evangelical Ministry (AFEM) has grown steadily since due to the value it is adding to and striking in the conducive environment provided by Milton Keynes.


Believing that we are justified as a gift by His grace through the redemption which is in Christ Jesus (Romans 3:24), and that salvation from sin is not of works (Ephesians 2:8-9), and that the believer in Jesus Christ is to stand firm in that grace (1 Peter 5:12).By His grace we have been given the spirit of adoption whereby we cry ABBA FATHER. (Romans 8:15, John 1:12-13) This body of believers shall be called ABBA FATHER EVANGELICAL MINISTRY.




Abba Father Evangelical Ministry has a mission to become an outstanding church that fulfills its responsibilities of bringing home those marked by the blood of Jesus; winning unbelievers, teaching and training them to study the word of God, to live by the word of God and to train others to do likewise (Ezra 7: 10) so that all may achieve the purpose of God for their lives. REBUILD THE PLACE THAT BUILDS ME!


The Abba Father Evangelical Ministry vision is to reach those marked by the blood of Jesus, unbelievers, non-denominational with the message of Jesus Christ. To become  light and to enhance the spiritual and the social health and well-being of its members, the community within which it operates and ultimately the world at large.


The church’s aims are to promote the advancement of the Christian faith worldwide; to equip people with tools to face the challenge of life so they are victorious; to be a place where oppressed, the frustrated, the hopeless, the hurting and the destitute can find love, acceptance, help , guidance and encouragement.

To equip its members and assist them to grow up in every way and in all things unto Jesus Christ; to develop its members for ministry by assisting them to recognize the gifts and talents God has given to them ; to develop its members to be committed to the great commandment of loving God and our neighbors and the great commission of seeking and saving people.

The church therefore initiates and organizes internal and international programs to this effect for its youth and adult members. By so doing, all may by their faith in Jesus, become assets in the community, the nation and the world in general.


Pastor Amoako Atta

Founder, Head Pastor

The man with the vision. Being leader of the spiritual team and head of the board of trustees, Pastor Atta carries the annointing to lead and to serve. Divinely inspired wisdom and humility are among his strongest qualities and he truly sets an example that is worthy of emulation by all.

Eric Appiah

General Secretary

Eric Appiah is a dynamic young man fully inspired in the things of God and gifted with organisation skills. Right from the onset he has been at the helm of affairs, taking care of all administrative and secretarial duties.


I was lost in darkness, no hope in my heart and no reason to keep on. Here I found light and purpose. Thanks to God.

Testimonial John Smith
John Smith
Men Ministry Member

Thank you my second and great family. I was not sure to join in but eveything was so friendly and still is.

Testimonial Sara Kelly
Sara Kelly
Small Group Member